The Importance of Keeping a High Priority on Family Time

Only parents can impart the values they wish their children to learn; it cannot be left to someone else; it would be their values and not those of the parents. What and who you become will depend a lot upon those values your parents taught you either by their spoken word or by their actions.Within their family unit children will learn how to handle anger; disagreements and how to make decisions. As parents how we do these things are important because our children will follow our role model. How children in the family view situations such as these will help them to develop their personalities.In stable family situations where family time is given a high priority, children will grow up feeling confident, with better self-esteem and will feel secure within themselves and in their lives. Emotional strength and stability is developed through strong family ties. In a stable family, and one that values family time, children will grow up feeling protected and secure in their family unit.In a home where family time is readily shared and appreciated, children will develop by learning the importance of family and knowing that they are loved. In close families there is much communication and goals and education are encouraged. If this is the case, children will often follow their parent’s career choices, i.e.: possibly becoming teachers, dentists or doctors.In close families where family time is considered to be important, there is usually a family comes first attitude. Children will grow up, like their parents, to believe that family and family time is an important aspect of their lives.Setting aside family time is also important for teaching children their family history. No one can do this but their parents and other close family members. It is important that these memories and stories be passed from one generation to another. Having a bond with those family members that have gone before us solidifies our own feelings of belonging and being a valued member of our family. We are now part of the story that will be passed along to future generations.When families spend time together, they usually have family traditions; old ones that have been passed down and new ones that are started as circumstances in our lives change. Family traditions seem to help to make families closer or perhaps it is that close families are the ones that encourage family traditions.The importance of time spent together as a family can never be underestimated. I believe strongly that those who value this time spent together as a family will see the rewards as their children grow older.

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